How to submit photos

Fred Wood
9th December 2005, 17:00
Someone, please help!

I am trying to submit some photos of a cement vessel "CEM FREIGHTER" ex GOLIATH II, and the message shown below keeps coming up.

What am I doing wrong??? and what ius error code 6?

Error creating thumbnail! Error code: 6


"/usr/local/bin/mogrify" -size 109x150 -quality 70 -geometry 109x150 '/home/cruise/public_html/gallery/data/508/1547Cem_Freighter_at_Carboneras-thumb.png'



9th December 2005, 17:08
..not sure whether this site can handle .PNG files, mate. Convert to JPG and retry.

...just realised, you were brought up in Dover? Went to DGSB 61/66 and lived many years in Aylesham.

9th December 2005, 17:24
..take that back..just found out PNG is ok!!