Aurora cruise ongoing

22nd March 2011, 21:04
I received a letter from Samoa today from my brother Jack who is doing a world cruise. They recently called at New Zealand ports which was to have included Christchurch which was cancelled due to recent earthquake. He tells me the passengers aboard started a collection for and in aid of the people of Christchurch which made a total of 7220 and later two lady passengers started a collection of clothes for the Red Cross also for Christchurch which ended up on four pallets.
Well done folks enjoy the rest of your cruise.
Another interesting point in his letter was the arrival of a relief Master for the ship, as an old seaman of thirty years service nothing unusual in that I thought then looked at a clipping of said Captain. Sarah Breton who has a fine record of service since 1982 on a variety of ships and is a handsone looking lady. In my days can only remember stewardesses or maybe ladt pursers. Bonvoyage Captain Maam. Stuart Henderson ,France

john g
23rd March 2011, 19:46
I think Ms Breton was staff captain on the Artemis a couple of years ago and maybe master on the Ocean Village. During a cruise on the Oceana two deck officers gave a talk to the "guests" on the general operation of the vessel, the 3/O a young guy in his early 20's and the 2/O an young lady in her late 20's.......and the best of luck to all the ladies who take on this roll.