Capt. T. D. McDermott

7th April 2011, 19:03
Does anyone know what became of Captain TD McDermott (aka Mad Mac) and his wife Eileen (Mrs Mac)?

9th May 2011, 13:39
I think that sadly they are no longer with us, I recall reading a post on a thread regarding the Liparus some time ago with this news.
I sailed with both Mac & Eileen on his last trip as Master on said vessel.
Mac was determined to go out in style, which meant mass orders of wine when passing Cape Town for lunch time and huge midnight curry feasts in the bar with whatever he could lay his hands on.
On that trip we were waiting in a Saudi "holding anchorage" as XMAS Eve approached, with all the booze in bond Eileen was becoming rather frantic, having worked her way through Mac's stash of scotch. The Chief Eng offered to trade some of the engineer's stocks which were hidden in the back of the main panel in the control room, and was accused of profiteering when Mac was informed of the rate of exchange

10th May 2011, 06:50
I'm sorry to hear that. I sailed with them twice, and they were a remarkable couple. I think my favourite story was the time when they left their teenage son Peter at home while they were at sea. When they paid off and arrived home, they found a hole in the side of the house. apparently Peter had built a boat indoors and the only way he could get it out was to knock a hole in tne wall! It must have been in the genes!

29th February 2012, 23:32
Sailed with capt Mcdermot on the Linga-loved his curries

30th July 2020, 22:34
I sailed with Mad Mac and Eileen when I was a cadet on the Medora. He called me up to the bridge one day to see a square rigger under full sail he was taking photos of. Told him it was lucky we came across it, and he explained we had altered course two hours ago so he could get close enough to photograph it. He logged the lost time down to bad weather. Must have cost the company a fair bit delaying a 200000 ton tanker for four hours, but as he used to say 'You've got no friends in Head Office.'