Blast injection

21st April 2011, 19:57
Did any of the more venerable members sail with blast injection fuel systems. I know the compressors were an **** pain but was the running more smooth and how did they sound compared to the jerk pump types

21st April 2011, 22:29
There is a small Blast Injection Sulzer at the Internal fire museum in Wales - well worth a visit if you are in the area

gives some idea of what it sounds like - the only one I have ever seen

Other videos on the site are worth a look

Museum website

Incidentally they have the Sirion enmgines out of the Balmoral on site


22nd April 2011, 13:20
Thank you Duncan 112

15th June 2012, 21:58
I sailed with a ship with 2 WERKSPOOR 4-cycle S.A. engines, both 8 cylinders, 4600 BHP, double screw as Assistant engineer in 1953

Both engines were originally built for blast injection, but later made suitable for Fuel Pressure injection.

The problem was all the fuel injection pumps injected the fuel a fixed number of crank degrees before the TDC

As you know that gives too much pressure during manoeuvering, it is to say at slow speed.

The Technical Staff of the company had solved this problem as follows:

On top of every cylinder was a steel bottle mounted with a flange on the cylinder cover and on top of that bottle was a stop cock with a steel pipe connected to the combustion space of the cylinder.

It was my job before manoeuvering to open al the cocks (16) , so that the combustion space had more volume and less pressure

After manoeuvering I had to close the cocks, which were hot and also the silver paint on the bottles was smoking

For the situation on the top of the cylinders see the picture:

Perhaps someone of you has also such an experience

Kind Regards

5th July 2012, 11:17
Take a look at our site: We are restoring a 3 cylinder
Polar diesel with blast injection. First start after 50 years rest you can see
and hear on:

27th January 2013, 16:57
Take a look at our site: Brgds


Quote from: Donkeyman on 22 March 2008 kl. 23:09
Senaste numret av "Skipsrevyen" ( har en synnerligen intressant 7 siders artikel om just Doxfordmotorer.

Lasse, (as a Scandinavian)

Can you help me - or perhaps someone else - on this article mentioned in this e-mail (7 siders article)

I got so far, from somebody the following information:

"But back in 2008 there were 3 articles in a the Norwegian "Skipsrevyen" with the headline: The Rise and Fall of the Doxford Oil Engine - From Heaven to Hell. The articles was written in Norwegian by a colleague of you; Chief engineer Rolf K. Kristensen"
But he did not had this article in his possesion.

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