coasters with well fwd

21st April 2011, 23:19
Hello everybody:As I am an enthusiast of ships, I wanted to know why most of the coasters had its forward hatch below in a well.
I can't understand that the first hatch was near the waterline and the second was higher.
In most danish coasters the entire hatch was high. I think this had many advantages, more bulk, more volume, and better protected from the seas.
Sietas coasters of the 60's: the hatch was near de waterline.
Later Sietas built coasters in other way.
I don't understand. Can anybody explain it to me?
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22nd April 2011, 13:07

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22nd April 2011, 23:51
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23rd April 2011, 09:24
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23rd April 2011, 21:37
Old, small, steam coasters with a flush deck had a tendency to trim by the head when fully loaded, because of the large volume of the machinery space aft. The raised quarter deck was introduced to permit more cargo volume, and to shift the longitudinal center of gravity aft, thus creating trim by the stern in loaded conditions.