MV Thekla

13th December 2005, 07:13
interested to hear if the Thekla is still afloat. she sank at one time, raised repaired and sold on. last i heard she went to Bristol for conversion as a theatre or something. anyone know any info on her. I know her old radio set went on permanent loan to a sea cadet corp in the midlands some years ago.

13th December 2005, 08:01
Ahoy Billy,

You mean this one?

13th December 2005, 08:15
Last time I was in Bristol the “MV Thekla” was in the inner harbour, and is still in existence as a venue for various events, with a web site
there is a photograph at this site

13th December 2005, 23:08
Gentlemen, so much info so quick. she is hardly recognisable with all that new superstructure. happy to see she still has a working life of sorts. she is better off here than on the beach at alang!! LOL Many thanks for your help guys. ist this kind of response that makes (S.N.) the best.welldone