Hello from aanimeri (Äänimeri)

1st May 2011, 17:38
I am the webmaster of cross trade site www.aanimeri.fi collecting history of Finnish vessels and the crew onboard. Welcome to visit and comment

1st May 2011, 18:45
Welcome aboard Aanimeri, you have an interesting site there with some very good photograps. :o

1st May 2011, 22:46
A warm welcome aboard from the Philippines. Please enjoy all this great site has to offer

Frank P
1st May 2011, 22:55
Welcome onboard Äänimeri, enjoy the site.

My first ship (M/S Pulptrader) 1967 was built in Turku Finland, and my last ship
the M/S Royal Viking Star (1973 -1976) was also built in Helsinki Finland.

Cheers Frank

2nd May 2011, 03:07
Thanks for your comments.
Might Frank P have any photos of MS PULPTRADER?
I have not got any with copyrights, so there's only links of PULPTRADER on Äänimeri (= Sound Sea)

2nd May 2011, 14:07

on behalf of the Moderating team welcome to SN. Enjoy all we have to offer.


Frank P
3rd May 2011, 09:45
Hello Äänimeri, I have sent you a PM.

Cheers Frank

3rd May 2011, 17:04
Greetings Aanimeri and welcome to SN. Bon voyage.