Fate of two Everard coasters

Roger Jordan
6th May 2011, 13:32
I would be most grateful for any help in determining the eventual fate of the Everard coasters ACTIVITY (built 1931) and THE MARQUIS (built 1934).
ACTIVITY (358 tons gross) was sold in 1966 to become the Greek-owned GIANKAROS and in 1971 was sold on to become, also Greek, IOANNIS K. She was deleted from Lloyd's Register book in 1992 for lack of current information.
THE MARQUIS (ex Camroux I 1960; 324 tons gross), and owned by Everard's subsidiary J Hay, was sold, also in 1966, to Greeks and became ANGELIKA, in 1968 she was renamed AGIO IOANNIS THEOLOGOS and in 1971 became STAMATA II. She was deleted from Lloyd's Register book in 2010 although nothing had been known of this vessel since 1995.
I guess that both of these have been long since broken up, but I would be most appreciative of any positive information concerning their fates.
Best regards from the Emerald Isle
Roger Jordan

stan mayes
6th May 2011, 17:53
Hello Roger,
I too am interested in the fate of Camroux I.
During my time in Goldsmith's sailing barges prewar, I made
a few trips in Camroux I in 1938.
Her cargoes were scrap iron from Thos.Ward Grays - ( Shipbreakers) -
for Blyth,and a return cargo of coal for Rosebank Wharf Fulham..
Her master was Captain Martell and his brother was master of Camroux IV
at the time..
Best regards,