Tema - Kano - Katsina Palm

14th December 2005, 16:56
I am looking for information on the post-Palm Line history of the following ships:

Tema Palm (later renamed Makurdi Palm) and sold in 1969 to Peru,
Katsina Palm sold 1978 as New Dragon
Kano Palm sold 1979 to India

Thanks in advance!

14th December 2005, 17:23
If you search the following web ste you will find out some info.
www.theshipslist.com and scroll down the "Fleets list"
Google search has other site. Type in Palm Line ships.

14th December 2005, 19:52
Thanks lakercapt but theshiplist.com stops recording the history of the vessel at the point of its sale, and I already tried searching the web with poor results..

14th December 2005, 20:28
Tema Palm(Makurdi Palm)1969 sold to Empresa Naviera Santa.Lima.renamed Santamar.scrapped 1976.
Kano Palm.1979 renamed Purna Shanti.then 1979 renamed Island Trader.scrapped.Bombay.1982.
Katsina Palm.renamed New Dragon.scrapped Shanghai.1984.

15th January 2012, 22:10
Hi there - I have been looking up Palm Line ships online. My Grandfather, Albert Hoffman was Chairman & managing director at Palm Line and my Grandmother christened Katsina Palm. It is some years ago and sadly both my grandparents have passed away now, but my mother has alot of information re the ships and an original painting of Katsina, some photographs etc in our family home - (named Katsina !)

When I was a child, my Grandfather took me to Tilbury docks and my sister on a separate occasion, as a treat. I think it may have been Katsina that I visited. I remember going into the engine room very clearly which I loved and the enormity of the ship when I stood by it! I was spoiled by the crew and made an amazing curry, which was quite a novelty in those days (late 1960s) - It is a treasured memory of a great day.

If there is any info I can try to help you with, please let me know and I will do my best to try and find out what I can. I know this information is not of the 'technical kind' and I do not know much about it's life after Palm Line, but it is nice to know that there is interest in Katsina and Palm Line. Those days are long gone and it would be good to build up more information and my Grandfather's deep involvement in Palm Line for history.

I believe Katisina was sold to a company in Singapore and was renamed 'New Dragon' - I'm not sure my grandmother would have approved! (edit : I see you have already mentioned this above, apologies).

Best wishes