Julian Calvin
10th May 2011, 13:01
What was the first complaint you made to the company?

Always remember writing one bitter letter complaining about the replacement of linen serviettes with paper ones. They must have had a laugh back in head office but I was very indignant at the time.


12th May 2011, 05:16
Writing to Britannic House complaining about arriving at Mina al Ahmadi to find no crew mail had arrived. Still waiting for a reply 50 years down the track.

Pat Kennedy
12th May 2011, 10:30
I once complained to the Chief Cook on the Nestor, that my dinner was a plateful of S***.
He told me to shove it up my A***.

12th May 2011, 10:53
I remember some crew members complaining about runny eggs, the cook put a bucket full on the stove for an hour or so, then he tipped them onto the mess deck table and said ''will they do'', anyway they were put in their place by the Skipper for upsetting him (something you should not do aboard ships).(egg) 'cueball44'

12th May 2011, 19:24
On a anchor handling tug I once complained to the office because the the work gloves I ordered where struck off the stores list. Instead they sent a tin of swarfega! They didn't quite understand that we weren't concerned about keeping our hands clean, we were just fed up of getting them torn to shreds on jagged wires.

I once heard a story about some lads on a trawler going up to the skipper on the bridge to complain about the food. Going up the ladder they turned round to find the cook had joined them. He didn't quite get it that they were complaining about HIM not the stores that had been shipped on board.