findhorn george

17th December 2005, 10:57
Hi, my name is george deans from sydney, australia. have been interested in the MN since i was a boy. I am now 65 and retired. Came from Findhorn in Moray and to Oz in 1953. My father was in the B.I. from 1928 till 1943 and was lost when the "Warfield" was sunk on 15th August 1943. Also my uncle Willie Chisholm was surgeon on Blue Funnel's "Stentor" and was lost in convoy SI 125 when she was sunk by U509. Would have gone to sea with B.I. in 1958 but, would you believe, my mother wouldn't let me . Have some amateurish photos taken in Sydney in the 50's & 60's which I will p[ost when I work out how to. G'day everyone.

non descript
17th December 2005, 11:11
A warm welcome aboard George and I hope you will find the good ship SN provides you with the answers and the support we all enjoy. Bon Voyage

17th December 2005, 14:02
Welcome from Italy ,a lot of ship to see for you into this website!!!

fred henderson
17th December 2005, 14:02
A very warm welcome George. We look forward to your posts, I am sure that you will soon work out the process.


17th December 2005, 15:18
Ahoy George,

Welcome aboard, enjoy yourself on this fine ship and her crew, as we do; looking forward to your postings, especially those from the 50-60's!
From Holland

As mentioned above, take care to put your email-address in an open forum thread.Just use your own or nick name.If other members want to reach you,and vice-versa, they/you can use the PM[private message] system.

Derek Roger
17th December 2005, 16:04
Welcome from Canada . Used to fish salmon in Findhorn great wee place .

17th December 2005, 16:34
WelcomeGeorge from the south of England enjoy the site and all it has to offer and a merry christmas to you.

Pat McCardle
17th December 2005, 19:14
Welcome aboard George. Sounds like your Mother had some 'Sea Sense' about keeping your landward. Look forward to photo's. Pat, in Sunderland. (Thumb)

17th December 2005, 20:25
Welcome aboard George. Sailed between Sydney Heads many times in the 50s and 60s. Got some great memories of the times I sailed round the Oz coast and on to Nauru and Ocean Island with Watts Watts's Greenwich.

Regards from the Granite City. Albert Webster.

18th December 2005, 00:04
hello george and welcome great site youll enjoy all i remember about sydney is falling asleep pissed on bondi ending in hosp burnt cheers all the best bobby(glasgow)

Doug Rogers
18th December 2005, 01:07
Welcome George, enjoy the site and do as the members have already suggested and remove your email address from your banner details.

18th December 2005, 17:17
Welcome aboard George spent a few happy times in Sydney one of the best was my 23rd birthday Luna Park,the Cross,down around Montys,even went over the bridge to Crows Nest ,BR Legion, sobered up two days later in Toronga park Zoo,how I got there I do not know,I hope I am not in one of your pics

18th December 2005, 20:34
(Gleam) (Gleam) Ahoy & welcome aboard George ,

I never had the pleasure of a run ashore in Sydney, I was a regular to Darwin, Port Hedland, Dampier & Wyndham.
The folks in WA & NT swore it was a better place then NSW......!!

When the beer was THAT cold , who was I to disagree?

I hope you find this place as interesting as we do.

Best wishes,


Hamish Mackintosh
6th April 2006, 04:17
Welcome George
My dear departed uncle used to run a sheep farm on the Findorn at a place called Daless,We as kids used to play on an aerial box, back and forth across the river ,sad to say a very long time ago

Hugh MacLean
6th April 2006, 10:04
A warm welcome to SN, George. enjoy the site and the banter.


R.Philip Griffin
7th April 2006, 00:30
Ahoy George from over the rabbit proof fence. In fact any further west from here you get your feet wet. As a one eyed West Australian anything over the boarder is called the ES [Eastern States], but you will know that. A great many Brit seaman live in this particular part of God's Own Country, and it you have evr been here you would understand why. This is a great site, and I trust you will enjoy it. Grifmar

7th April 2006, 05:15
the beast from the east,or the pest from the west,take your pick, wer'e all the same here,cant go back to sea.