Cinque Port Pilots

6th June 2011, 09:43
Hello all, my first post. I am searching for information on the Cinque Port Pilots. My great great grandfather, Peter Decent (or De Cent) was described on numerous census returns in the 1800's as one. He lived at 84 Limekiln St, Folkstone, which no longer exists, but was swallowed up into the present port. One can see limekilns cut into the chalk cliffs at the back of the port premises. Any help would be much appreciated.

6th June 2011, 14:48

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Hugh Ferguson
6th June 2011, 15:57 Click, for a start on the long history of the Cinque Ports' Pilots and go to Memoirs of different persons................

6th June 2011, 16:40
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6th June 2011, 22:46
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8th June 2011, 01:23
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