BI Charter

Tony D
20th May 2004, 23:14
Was on one of Harrisons of Clyde, MV British Monarch, we did three or four short trips mostly grain, Hull Port Churchill back to Hull(no we did not beat the Warkworth), got a bit fed up, six week trips no good, not much leave or time to save up any coin in the ship,we pays off in Hull, Captain comes down,Captain Huggins,pure 21 carrat mad man, not bad after you had done a couple of trips with him though.
He says lads, next trip will be nice,we have a British India charter,general cargo Medi ports, Red Sea ports out to Cochine then back home, six months trip, what do you say boys, count me in Captin says I,
Goes home has a few days leave and returns to sign back on, sure enough they have even changed the colour of the Funnel to BI colours(black with white stripes if memory serves) six months allright,------got home 21 months later.
We finished up hauling bird Sh*te from Naru and Christmas Island to Oz,(I have a feeling the charter had lapsed by then) dammed hot work I can tell yers.
That was my experience of the British India Company. :bur:

5th June 2004, 01:23
Great story Tony!
My time was between '59 and '64. No 21 bloody months for me. My brother went to sea in 54 as EDH. I think he signed 2 year articles at that time.
My longest trip, Anchor Line Glasgow/Bombay etc. 3 months.
Good to have you aboard.....
Ian (Admin).

4th February 2006, 19:21
There's a blast from the past! 2FEB-26MAR 1962 to be precise and a first tripper on the British Monarch with Capt Huggins and Chief Engineer James Turner. I believe she'd come back from nearly two years away in the far east including Kobe.
Interesting ship from the engineers' point of view. (Jester)
Newcastle - Norfolk for grain - Spiller's Wharf, Salford. Nineteen days outbound; averaged 2.5 kn noon to noon one day due high seas and engine governor not working.
Came close to being written off when 2nd eng. blasted main engine over just as I stepped out of crankcase (Night)
This is my first posting on the website which I have to say, particularly in the case of the BM, is well named, the nostalgia value somewhat exceeding the reality.
Spent the rest of seagoing career with Fyffes on steam turbines (Thumb)