Paul Cheall, editing Dad, Bill Cheallís WW2 memoirs incl RMS Queen Mary voyage

20th July 2011, 12:55
I am on this website in connection with my Dadís world war 2 diary which Iíve just completed editing and publishing - and to help others with research into battles or tracing relatives, as well as using the site for further research on the background to my Dadís story.
Dad started World War 2 in the Territorials, followed by action at Dunkirk, D-Day (Normandy), Wadi Akarit (Tunisia), Sicilian campaign (Husky), Queen Mary voyage to Egypt, being wounded in action and witnessing the post-war German devastation as regimental police officer, policing the local population. Dad was a Green Howard with the 50th division amongst others.
I am particularly interested in any material I can find pertaining to a memorable voyage he had on the Queen Mary which he embarked upon from Port Gourock, Glasgow, in December 1942, arriving some three weeks later at Egypt. Dad devoted a whole chapter of his book to this voyage and went into some detail about it. A map of the voyage can be seen at this WW2 map (
I will post more material pertaining to the voyage in the appropriate section to the forum but would love to hear from anyone else who sailed on this magnificent vessel, particularly during wartime. Dad was a Green Howard from Yorkshire so there were a massive number of Northerners on this voyage, in particular.

20th July 2011, 13:37
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20th July 2011, 13:56
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