Taff Lewis Pendennis castle 1974 -1976

Taff lewis
21st July 2011, 10:42
Looking to find old ship mates from this time .Catering dept rest, bar, top deck. thanks. Have posted some pics.

28th March 2012, 14:52

I was the Third Electrician from April 73 to April 74.

Bob Gallagher

dave beaumont
20th April 2012, 13:45
Bob, i was on P.C Voyage 101 April/May 1973, deck. Great trip. Would you remember they thought one of the stewards had gone over the side just outside Capetown on homeward passage so we searched area for awhile. Was found eventually passed out in passenger toilet!

21st April 2012, 13:50

Nice to hear from someone off the Pendennis.

Yes, I remember the incident quite clearly. My standby station was on the bridge and we were on standby for engine movements while the ship turned around and looked for this person. When they eventually found him he was brought up to bridge and given a bollocking by the old man (Captain P St Q Beadon).

Amazing we can both recall this nearly 40 years ago. Probably the best year of my life. As a 21 year old it couldn't have been much better.

Best wishes


dave beaumont
21st April 2012, 14:14
Just sent you a PM Bob.