fact or fiction

23rd July 2011, 20:18
I have heard from an aquaintance that P&Os Aurora lost her stb anchor on a transatlantic on 1/9/2009.
Now in all my time at sea i have never lost or come close to losing an anchor and I cant see how this could happen especially with all the methods used to secure the cable,any views please.


23rd July 2011, 20:49
I doubt the cable would have come adrift, do you perhaps mean the anchor itself was lost?
It has been known to happen - after all the entire weight of the anchor is held only by the single pin in the crown shackle.

23rd July 2011, 20:56
I had an anchor - and all the chain - let go with no human intervention in pilotage waters once. 15 metres of water at 15 knots ...... interesting to say the least.
It came back up nice and shiny.......

23rd October 2011, 18:14
ABS had a spate of lost anchors recently and after much Investigation It was found that Inadequate chain securing arrangements were to blame. The length of chain between the securing point and the anchor would become slack and cause the anchor shank to vibrate and move up and down the hawsepipe, thus causing fatigue of the shackle pin and / or the shackle padeye.