Mike S
27th December 2005, 13:41
Commissioned in 1934. Cadet Ship and war veteran. Sold to the breakers in 1965. Many happy memories between 1957 and 1960
Mike Smith

27th December 2005, 16:16
Welcome Mike to the site where old seafarers live the past, enjoy the site and all it has to offer and look forward to your postings.

non descript
27th December 2005, 17:13
Mike, a warm welcome aboard the good ship SN, enjoy the excellent support and we look forward to yuor postings. Bon Voyage

27th January 2006, 08:15
Hi Mike , I was 2nd Engineer 1963 /64 . enjoyed my time there even though she was getting long in the tooth. Did the last trip with cadets,then the next trip with a Liverpool crowd talk about chalk and cheese!!.. Sailed with Dave Watt 2nd Mate at the time who later became a Master in the NZ Shipping Corporation, also keep in touch with Derck Smith Ch. Freezer at the time but now living in Melbourne. One thing I remember is having to face up to those Cadet bowlers at the cricket matches each one thought he was a Freddie Truman,still lots good memories.

Tom Haywood
3rd May 2006, 23:45
DURHAM (Official Number: 163522)
Tonnages: 10,893 gross, 6,261 net, 13,370 deadweight.
Twin screw, two x 8 cyl. 2 S.C.S.A. Sulzer diesels by the shipbuilders, 11,000 bhp, 16 knots. Refrigerated space: 496,900 c.f.R.

27/06/1934: launched by Workman, Clark Ltd, Belfast, (Yard No 533) and delivered to Federal 21/09/1934.
1934 > 1939, 1946 > 1950 & 1955 > 1962: served as a cadet ship for 40 cadets.
09/08/1937: Grounded at Townsville.
04/01/1939: Struck the steamer Waimarino at Prince's Wharf, Auckland, as she left for Port Chalmers.
16/03/1940 > 26/06/1941 & 31/071943 > 05/06/1946: Requisitioned for the Liner Division, serving as a military store ship from 27/06/1941 > 30/07/1943.
22/08/1941: Mined west of Pantellaria, bound Malta to Gibraltar in ballast and arrived at Gibraltar on the 24th.
20/09/1941: Damaged by limpet mine at Gibraltar and beached at La Linea. Refloated 16/12/1941 and left in tow of the motor tug BUSTLER. She arrived at Falmouth on 03/09/1942 and remained under repair until 07/1943.
08/09/1943: Suffered fire in No.5 shelter deck, bound New York to Australia. The fire was out the next day but she put into Papeete on the 12th and sailed again on the 24th.
08/11/1953: Touched the bank in Culebra Cut, Panama Canel, bound London to New Zealand.
09/12/1957: Arrived at Galveston with engine trouble, bound London and Liverpool to Wellington. The cargo was trans-shipped to the Haparangi and after repairs at New York, she finally sailed again on 10/6/1958
7 > 10/1960: Laid up at Falmouth.
05/11/1965: Sold to the Astroguarda Cia Nav. S.A. Panama and registered at Piaeus as RION.
26/03/1966: Arrived at Kaohsiung for demolition which began on 05/04/1966.
(courtesy Crossed Flags)

Hugh Ferguson
29th November 2006, 18:42
Commissioned in 1934. Cadet Ship and war veteran. Sold to the breakers in 1965. Many happy memories between 1957 and 1960
Mike Smith

Do you Mike (or any other who reads this) know a Michael Hookway, and/or a Kester Field?
Yours, Hugh Ferguson.

Mike S
26th November 2007, 04:27
Firstly my apologies for such a long silence. However I am back on deck and my belated thanks for the replies........
Yes I do seem to recall the name Kester Field. I think he was Chief Officer of Durham on my first voyage in 1957. Liverpool to Australia.....Queensland as far as Cairns and then Dep Melbourne for UK via Suez.
He then moved on.......and we went to Galveston...........!

29th March 2020, 12:04
Hello Mike

Blast from the past! I also have some wonderful memories from my time on the Durham, 1958 (just) thru 1961.
Bill Porritt