Commissioning of Malmöhus was the start

4th August 2011, 15:29
I was one of the breed of mechanical engineers that came aboard ships either for sea-trials or when big problems with the engineering systems demanded it.
I think the Kockums built SS Malmöhus was the first 100,000T tanker built in Europe (?) Certainly it was my first experience of sea trials of the Stal Laval AP turbines and gearing in the north-sea when it was mighty rough.
Then there were problems with this propulsion system on some Shell M-class tankers which meant I had to travel around the world carrying out modifications to the units on ACT and the first Bay class container ships in addition to tankers like Brita Onstad and the Italian built Caterina de Monte etc.
I was then based in New Zealand for W.H. Allen and serviced many of the WHA plant that called in to Auckland; included the last (epic) voyage of Northern Star.

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