HMS Swinger

12th August 2011, 10:57
Are there any pics of this training ship please? It was linked to HMS Impregnable moored at Devonport and my father was posted to it when he joined the Navy before WW1.

12th August 2011, 14:41
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fred henderson
12th August 2011, 15:01
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12th August 2011, 18:56
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There is a photo here of Impregnable with two other ship:
Perhaps one could be HMS Swinger? Your best bet would be to make a post asking for information in the Royal Navy section of the forum.

12th August 2011, 21:22
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12th August 2011, 22:30
Shep, my information on Swinger, she was launched in 1872 as a gunboat.
she was hulked in 1895 and used as a stores ship in Devonport.
In 1922 she was attached to Impregnable and sold in June 1924.
In 1922 Impregnable was a boys training ship in Devonport which closed down in 1929.
Information comes from book entitled Shore Establishments of the Royal Navy
More info here

13th August 2011, 13:36
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