Ships Mail

Fred Booth
29th December 2005, 16:50
Hi EveryoneI am into ships mails also a method of locatingShips registeration & mailing addresses

29th December 2005, 17:21
hi fred excuse my ignorance but what is ships mails the only ones i know are when i was sent to midship hold to wait for the helicopter coming in the middle of the"pacific"cheers (bobby) also welcome aboard fred.

29th December 2005, 17:25
Hi Fred!
As far as I remember, all Ships' Mail was sent via the Shipping Agent Office in whatever port was next in line. On arrival, the local Agent (for whatever Company was running the ship) would bring any mail on board.
Sometimes the system didn't work too well, and mail would follow a ship for months, always a port behind!! I had one letter that finally caught up with me only when I had been back home on shoreleave for a couple of weeks!
Probably nothing to do with what you mean, but Hey!! ;-)
Dave H.

29th December 2005, 18:12
Maybe Ships 'Males' !!! (Fly)

29th December 2005, 18:16
That's a worrying thought!!!

Any welcome to the site youll find plenty of gud chat and info here



non descript
29th December 2005, 19:49
A very worrying thought indeed.... but that apart, a warm welcome to you Fred and I hope you enjoy the site and the excellent (and sometimes cryptic) banter. Bon Voyage

31st December 2005, 10:29
Ahoy Fred,

Welcome aboard, enjoy yourself on this fine ship and her crew, as we do; looking forward to your postings.
From Holland

31st December 2005, 15:02
Welcome aboard from Italy.

31st December 2005, 16:14
Welcome Fred from the south of England enjoy the site and all it has to offer