Spherical Panorama - Helwick Lightship

20th August 2011, 22:24
I have been playing with Spherical Panoramas (full 360 degree panoramas) recently. After a third attempt, I have managed to make one of the Helwick Lightship (No 91) which is now berthed as an exhibit with Swansea Museum in the marina. The panorama is made of 9 photographs stitched seamlessly together and includes the sky and ground. The view can be dragged around by use of your mouse.
My previous attempts from the pontoon failed so a less than perfect attempt from the quayside was my last option til I have a re-think. The weather was damp, rain showers and a grey sky today, I'll try another panorama when I get the chance in better weather.
View at:- http://www.360cities.net/image/helwick-lightship-swansea-wales
I am sure there are many other panoramic views of ships about, I will post links here for any I come across if people are interested.
Enjoy, Richard

21st August 2011, 10:03
Not wishing to send members away to other sites at all, however for those interested in Spherical Panoramas of ships, the 360cities site currently lists some 980 plus panoramas which include the word "ship" in the description:- http://www.360cities.net/search/ship
Not all actually show ships, however one amazing one on the first page of results is:-


24th October 2011, 20:13
The problem with a pano like that is that the ship is just a small part of the panorama. Most of the image is taken up by the car park and the couple of buildings.

Had you taken it from somwhere on board it could have been more interesting. Better still, take a few panos and link them together to make a virtual tour.

25th October 2011, 10:06
Yes I quite agree with what you say, problem is getting access to the ship this year as a combination of weather and other things prevented me from doing more than the one picture. However, I will attempt to get aboard and do some on deck and below deck panoramas when I am able. I'll keep you and everyone here posted on any progress.

25th October 2011, 11:15
Hoperp, Great site.
for a great tour, deck, bridge, engine room. Not found sparkies bolt hole yet but it may be there.

30th October 2011, 05:54
I had forgotten that I have a panoramic boat picture on my website.
Telok Bahang, Penang (http://www.peterloud.co.uk/photos/Penang/Batu_F/Teluk_Bahang_pano.html)

It is a shot I took a few years ago of moored fishing boats in a fishing village on Penang.