Jack Layton

Malcolm S
25th August 2011, 18:40
Every Canadian would have heard of Jack. They may not agree with his politics but never the less they surely must agree he was a great "man of the people" and a believer in Canada.
A sad loss to cancer this week. A state funeral will be held on Saturday.

25th August 2011, 20:47
Sorry Malcolm I can't agree with you as he was a politician all his life though his early death is sad.
He and his wife lived in subsidized housing when he was an M.P.
He should not have a state funeral as there is a protocol that should be followed

Keltic Star
26th August 2011, 05:04
One of the few Canadian politicians who put the people first and did not have his face in the pork barrel. I didn't agree with most of his politics but a great loss to the country.

Thank you Jack!

charles henry
26th August 2011, 16:41
As a politician he came across well; but I dislike the three ring circus of his burial.

30th August 2011, 18:00
Jack layton, Another great influential MP who compelled people to action , truly an inspiration to all in Canada. One who took up the torch and carried it well, with failing hands i hope it falls into the hands of somone else who had as much courage or even more to lead the charge to do somthing to improve thing more in canada, wish they had more people like him in other countries like USA to lead the charge to improve things for people in all walks of life. He shall be missed, Stae funeral highly appropriate, after all he was the leader of the other side of the house. Have an ORANGE CRUSH in his memory.

30th August 2011, 20:37
As a Brit, with a Canadian son, may I endorse posts 1, 3 & 5 above. Our two countries share many traditions and the corrupt politician is something we not only planted in your beautiful country but have developed to great lengths since. Jack Layton came across as the exception to this rule, sadly missed.

31st August 2011, 13:52
Jack layton should be an inspiration to any youngster in high school to point himself in the direction of politics to get into parlament, to do the good for the country & not line ones pocketsm IT was Pierre Trudeau that inspired Jack Layton to do so, so the torch is to be passed to those who will take up the cause, & rightly so.