Mary Paterson
15th June 2004, 10:48
Hi My name is Mary and I am trying to find the passenger list for MVCentaur in 1942 when I was a passenger from Singapore to Australia. If anyone can tell me where I can find this information I would be very grateful .
I am trying to do my family history. :

16th June 2004, 08:38
Hi Mary and welcome, good luck with your request!!

16th June 2004, 21:47
Hi Mary,
I may be able to help. If you go to <> and go to 'related sites' there are one or two Blue Funnel sites. There may be someone there who can help.
Good luck!
Ian in Montreal

Mary Paterson
21st June 2004, 05:47
Hi Ian, Thanks for the web site, I will give it a go. Kind regards Mary in Australia.

Capt.John Bax. Ret.
15th March 2005, 19:49
Hi Mary.

I take it you were a passenger before the vessel was handed to the Australian Goverment for use as a Hospital Ship. She was as you may know sunk in 1943 while fully lit as a Hosp Ship with heavy loss of life.

Am not sure which port you went to but IF it was Fremantle send an E mail to the Fremantle Port Authority. Attention. The Harbour Master ( ex Blue Funnel) if he has not retired by now. They will and do have the passenger lists in their archives, but it takes a hell of a big shovel to get them to dig them out. You will need dates as close as you can of arrival. maybe even voyage No and of course names.

Capt. John Bax. Retd. Belleville Ontario. Canada
Ex.Blue Funnel Line.
Straits Steamship Company. Singapore

15th March 2005, 19:57
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