Wives Club

1st January 2006, 06:01
Are there any wives out there who travelled with their husbands?

jim barnes
1st January 2006, 12:52
Took mine from Liverpool to Avonmouth, That was enough for her didnt like the motion? (DUKESGARTH) Still with me though?? (EEK)

1st January 2006, 16:32
Suppose it was worth a try though Jim (LOL)

Harry C
1st January 2006, 17:08
Mine travelled with me from Rotterdam to Duluth (Lake Superior) and back to Edinburgh.
Long before I ever saw a ship she travelled from former New Guinea to the Netherlands.


1st January 2006, 17:21
I worked for Chevron Tankship UK from Oct 75 to Oct 78. They must have been desperate in those days for 2nd Mates because they let me take my wife with me from the first trip. Normally there would be a sort of probation period where you were on your own at first. She travelled with me until early 78 when pregnancy was diagnosed! Chevron paid half the wives air fare which of course was discounted for seamen. I still owe them for a flight from Rome to London over 30 years ago. The voyages on a VLCC were not the most interesting port-wise. Still she managed an expenses paid tour of Hollywood whilst I was grafting on Chevron Burnaby off San Clemente!!

non descript
2nd January 2006, 16:43
Mrs Tonga joined the James Cook in Papeete, and sailed back to Westernport via Suva, Nuku'alofa, Noumea and Port Vila. The stops at Beveridge Reef and Middleton Reef do not count, as they never appeared in the log-book as stops en route and were of course merely "unexpected M/E breakdowns", and the fact that the crew were able to take the time to go for fishing trips was merely a huge coincidence.