shipwreck at beira mozambeque

jimmy main
1st January 2006, 19:34
Hi to anyone who knows anything about the wreck on the shore at the lighthouse near the town Beira Mozambeque, I saw it in the late 50s and now I guesse its gone. Any info or photoes would be great.

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1st January 2006, 23:09
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1st January 2006, 23:26
Hi Jimmy!
Would this be the wreck you mean?

Found on a Mozambique tourist site! The vessel is allegedly the MACUT, a coastal vessel, one of many wrecks in this area.


Dave H.

Doug Rogers
1st January 2006, 23:34
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2nd January 2006, 14:23
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non descript
2nd January 2006, 16:36
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2nd January 2006, 18:44
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