Anyone serve on the Gulf Briton 1966/67

cpt pugwash
13th September 2011, 17:29
I was the lowest life form (Navigating Apprentice) during that period and the 'old man' was Captain Wright. Would like to hear from anyone who was on board at that time.

Malky Glaister
25th November 2011, 13:54
I sailed on her a bit later, 1969 and 1970. Wright was captain then as was Rekner a Polish chap. Wrights daughter was onboard. She was something else!

I was Engineer Apprentice.

regards Malky

21st July 2012, 14:38
Hi, I sailed on the Gulf Briton from 26/1/66 until 18/8/66 as an EDH, joined her at Port Said, paid of in Nigeria. (Flew home to my sick mother) Stan Greening Montrose Scotland

16th March 2013, 09:37
I served on the SS Gulf Briton in 1961 and as you can see it was a steam turbine not a motor ship

21st April 2013, 18:38
Hi, I never sailed on Gulf Briton but my uncle Fred Hurford was the cook or steward about that time. She was at Eastham I seem to remember and myself,brother, mother and aunt where invited on board.
I was only about 6/7 at the time.
I was also invited on board, at Eastham again when I was about 24,1981/82 maybe, for a drink. I don't know whether it was the same vessel or a newer build of the same name.
A " bit " of trouble happened on this occasion when a lot of crew members, myself and others decided to take a few trophies from the local pub for the ships bar. This stupid act caused the police to be called by the pub manager and all the "trophies" to be returned ASAP.
Don't know if any further action happened as myself and ladyfriend went home.
Anyone out there remember this incident ? LOL

CSF - Zapata
14th September 2015, 08:36
yes I did and Gulf Finn + Gulf Dane + Melika + Raudhatain

CSF - Zapata
15th September 2015, 19:49
That's the Tony Wright that drank and smoked continuously and wrote porn novels - lived in Louth - I knew him well