4th January 2006, 22:49
Does anyone remember calling at the port of Jeddah back in the '50's.As I recall we were never allowed ashore,just the crew going to Mecca for Ramadan.All types of large American cars driven by the Sheiks paraded up and down the jetty.There were few roads back then.By the way this site has become addictive so many memories i consider myself very fortunate in being able to share them with you all.May you all have a very happy and prosperous New Year with continued support of this great site!!!


Mike (Applause) to all of you!!

Harry Nicholson
4th January 2006, 23:16
Hello Mike, Thanks for the pictures, I've added some comments to your gallery.
I am now pretty sure that you and I had a great night out at New Brighton just before the Mahanada took us off to Calcutta in 1957. I remember Jeddah, there was always a cop hanging about looking through the porthole to try to catch us with drink. You could be sweating quietly in your cabin when a large plump robed sheik might enter with a few of his wives, sit down politely on the settee and smile at you while everything around was examined with smiles and nods. I never did work out what was going on.
I've just posted some Mahanada crew pics, I think you might be on two of them, they are on my gallery.

4th January 2006, 23:38
Was that the Birkenhead Hospital??????