Witherington & Everett plus.....

17th October 2011, 09:07
Would some kind soul provide the connection between 'Witherington & Everett' and 'Granta SS Co Ltd' ?. Thanks in anticipation.

17th October 2011, 21:40
hi scorcher
google 'Witherington & Everett'
and also this site seems a winner

hope this helps

stan mayes
18th October 2011, 00:36
Prewar they delivered much coal to Beckton Gas Works North Woolwich..
They were known as the 'Tombstone' ships as they had thick white vertical
bands on a black funnel..

28th October 2011, 10:12
Joe Thanks for those links, I did Google them but found little except the houseflag.The family link was fascinating, partly because the mother lived in Brentford which was adjacent to Chiswick where I lived as a kid.Turner the artist drew at Brentford dock in the early 1800's.
It was interesting to learn also that the last ship sunk during WW2 was their AVONDALE PARK one hour before peace.I wonder if the crew survived.?

Stan Thanks for that info , I saw their GRANTA of 1944 in the 1950's and have a video clip of her close up passing the camera. Also CHEVYCHASE was owned by a subsidary company of W&E.

peter witherington
18th November 2012, 18:02
I am interested in Witherington and Everett as my great grandfather was the co founder. My father who is still alive wound the business up