Barque "CHANCE" No. 22833

6th December 2011, 05:18
Any info on the CHANCE built Quebec 1854, 475 tons.

I have a record of it; Sydney, 30/6/1856. W M MOODY, Master, Port of departure, London.

My interest lies in an Apprentice George Scutt.


7th December 2011, 22:01
Don't have a lot to add =. Built by Baldwin & Dinning in 1853/4 at Quebec as a barque. 132'.2'' x 25'.0'' x 19'.0''. 479 tons. Master - W. Mordy. Owners - Mitchel & Co. Traded London to Australia till mid '60's. Good luck Charley.

8th December 2011, 05:06
hello Charley,
All information is appreciated, it all helps in putting the pieces together.
Thanks again,