7th December 2011, 02:21
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rob mcc
7th December 2011, 23:41
sailed on two clymene/s one steam one motor both hadleys manned by houlder brothers

7th August 2013, 11:50
I am looking for my father and I only have a first name of Chris. He was on the SS Clymene in October 1964 when the ship was in Punta Carelon, Venezuela and then loaded for Rotterdam. He was dating my mother at the time Barbara Wilson in Hulme Manchester. I am looking for anyone who would have been on that ship at that time and served with anyone called Chris or Christopher, or anyone who can tell me how to get a crew list for the ship at that time. I need a surname or any other information. Thank you in anticipation

Ron Stringer
7th August 2013, 17:21
.... when the ship was in Punta Carelon, Venezuela ...

That is Punta Cardon, a tanker port in the Gulf of Maracaibo, Venezuala, at the mouth of Lake Maracaibo. It was a regular destination for Shell Tankers (and many others) to load crude oil for the Shell refineries in Rotterdam.