Euan Knox
14th December 2011, 19:11
I've applied to Clyde Marine Training to train as a engineering officer in the merchant navy. Have been told i have an interview on the basis of passing a MCA ENG.1 Medical Examination, has anyone got any information on what the medical is like and what would make me fail. Also any advice for if i get accepted and start my training,

14th December 2011, 22:24
This is the current MSN detailing the requirements

15th December 2011, 10:43
Welcome to S.N. and congratulations on being a member of the Worlds finest and most supportive Maritime site for someone such as yourself.

Though i have not been involved in the training of Engineers, i know the Maths and Physics requirements are the ones most likely to cause problems during your cadetship ........ they certainly are to many Deck apprentices.

With this in mind i refer you to the link below.

I hope you retain it and find it to be of value to you..........should you have queries you can ask a question directly, someone will respond.

Hopefully it will be a useful supplement to your formal college instruction.

There are many fine engineers on S.N. and all will be more than happy to give advice and assistance in your years ahead.

I wish you the very best of luck in your chosen career at sea, the finest you could have.


Satanic Mechanic
15th December 2011, 11:03
Well - you have to able to touch your toes(LOL)

24th December 2011, 04:57

Providing you are reasonably fit, its your BMI they are most interested in, or maybe that's just us older guys.

So its eye sight and the colour tests, hearing frequency tests, BMI check you may need a urine test, listen to your chest and a general once over.

All the best,


Euan Knox
28th December 2011, 15:42
Thanks for the advice guys. Passed my medical with flying colours, only thing the doc said was to watch my weight as i get older but i knew that was coming im not what you'd call a wee lad haha. Looking forward to my interview now just get it over and done with and all going well hopefully be a cadet come September 2012. What would you guys recommend ship/company wise for cadets ? I know if i get accepted i get a list of companys willing to sponsor cadets throught Clyde Marine Training.