New Guy

12th January 2006, 17:17
Hi folks. Just joined and hope to be able to contribute in one form or another

Alex Smith

Chief Engineer's Daughter
12th January 2006, 17:51
Welcome aboard, there is plenty to see and comment on. (Pint)

12th January 2006, 17:54
Welcome Alex.

As CED says, there is plenty to see and comment on and plenty to keep you occupied too. Only thing is though.... it's addictive, so beware!! (EEK)

jim barnes
12th January 2006, 18:38
welcome aboard, just in time to sign on our ship recruiting now,.(Can you get hold of a few thousand gallons of fuel oil) (Ouch)

bert thompson
12th January 2006, 20:59
Welcome Alex
A wonderful site and so full of information. Sure you will enjoy it
Best wishes Bert

12th January 2006, 22:36
A warm welcome to you Alex, I hope you enjoy the site.

Doug Rogers
13th January 2006, 00:44
Welcome Alex, enjoy the site and what it offers.

13th January 2006, 10:28
Welcome aboard from Italy.