RFA Leave Schedule

17th December 2011, 01:46
Hello RFA folks. Firstly best wishes for a happy and safe Christmas, at home or away, ashore or afloat.

My question.. can you tell me what leave schedule you work to in the RFA, or what leave allowance you get after an extended tour. Do you get all your leave, or if not do you get liquidation for cash?
Way back in the 1960's i learned that you were expected to stay on the ship from commission to commission generally 2 years. A bit harsh I thought at the time, similar to tramping. At that time I was with T&J Harrison and we were generally on 3 month trips with around 3 weeks leave.

20th December 2011, 14:09
21 days per month for officers, 19 days per month for ratings, rising to 21 in the next year or two. Cannot normally be liquidated at present, the MoD has no cash, but may be in some circumstances on exiting service. Leave will remain on account until spent, i.e. if you go back early the untaken leave rolls over into your next leave period.

Extended tour allowance is paid in money not leave, IIRC commencing 15 days after an appointment should have ended at 15% extra (backdated to the scheduled end of tour). Doubles to 30% after four months extended tour.

Standard trip length now is four months, six months for senior officers.

22nd December 2011, 02:02
Many thanks Anixtu, Glasgow blokes know the bizzo.