Badagry Palm in Rio

23rd December 2011, 22:04
Helllo shipmates,
Any of you remember Badagry going aground in Vitoria and getting 6 months dry dock in Rio.(Wave).Pete Flockhart

Matadi Engineer
29th December 2011, 13:01
I do indeed remember the aftermath of the grounding as I was the Chief Engineer that took over on arrival Rio for the duration of the drydock and repair, between August 85 to the end of November 85, where they cut the double bottoms out of the hull in a checkerboard fashion and held it together with railway lines!

6th January 2012, 06:43
Hello Matadi Engineer

Did you sail with my old fella' George Morris? he was on Badagary Palm during her dry-dock in Niteroi I think and she was Lloyd Texas then?
He was on Matadi for many a year.

King Ratt
6th January 2012, 09:44
Good morning Matadi Engineer. I see you are fairly new to the site so hope you enjoy it.

Best Regards


6th January 2012, 14:36
Greetings to both Pete (tradline) and Matadi Engineer on joining this nautical website. Bon voyage to you both.

6th January 2012, 23:35
Hi Kernewekmarnor, it was the Bamenda Palm that became Lloyd Texas, despite a couple of charters the only time the Badagry Palm changed names, apart from whme she was sold, was when he became the Badagry. I hope in the not too distant future to upload some photos of her when she was fitting out in Sunderland, my Dad stood by her while she was completing.


6th January 2012, 23:41
Six months in Rio? Far canal! (EEK)(==D)

16th June 2013, 15:34
Hi All,

Can anyone tell me what happened? I know she grounded but what is that full story, grateful for any information, please.


China hand
23rd June 2013, 19:00
I watched her being launched in Sunderland, I was standing by a newbuilding Bank boat at the time. Traditional launch, chains flying, dust and muck everywhere…..great. Wasn't she the last North Sands launch?

Pat McCardle
24th June 2013, 02:35
Heavy lift 'Barge' ITM Challenger was the last ship launched at N.S.

24th June 2013, 11:09
Hi China hand

Was that the Tenchbank by any chance? Have a couple of photo's of them moored together on the fitting out berths.


China hand
24th June 2013, 18:44
Hi Palmship,

I was nominally Dacebank, but we were all lending a hand on Rudbank and Tenchbank at the same time. It was a good,busy year on the Wear, and I have fond memories of Sunderland. In my time in Bank Line I did three newbuilding sessions up there at various times. Testbank (1961), Tweedbank (1964) and Dacebank (1979).

15th December 2013, 15:24
I was onboard the Badagry when she ran aground off Vitoria, in July/August 1985 and took her back to Rio for Drydock where most of us then flew home.

The Old man was Cpt Brand, Was George Morris the chippie? he was from Hull I believe. Some of the other A/B's were Eddie McKenna, Graham Etheridge, Chris Hobson, Ted Tadhunter and myself.

We were on a charter to the USA, and after loading at Santos and Rio, we were heading up to Vitoria, when she hit a reef in the bay just before picking up the pilot. We eventually pulled off and went to anchor, a surveyor flew out and then we slowly steamed back to Rio, stopping first at an Iron Ore jetty about halfway between Rio and Vitoria to have the hull checked out. After arriving in Niteroi Drydock it was dicovered that she was ripped open from the bow to about 40 foot short of the E/Room bulkhead, you could actually climb up from the drydock bottom through the gash into the holds. After having some leave I flew back to Rio and joined the Lloyd Rio (Lagos Palm), where I stayed until she was sold to the Russians in the summer of 86.

regards, Mark

21st December 2013, 12:03
Hi Mark

George Morris was the Master, from Sunderland.
He relieved Captain Brand in Niteroi.

Cheers and a Happy set of festive's to you.

Locking Splice
21st December 2013, 16:28
Hi Mark,

Was Eddie Mckenna from Dublin or there a bouts.


6th January 2014, 08:20
That's right, George Morris was Old Man, the chippie was called George as well. Eddie is from Ballbriggan, just outside Dublin, We have remained close friends since, he is now retired and lives between Portsmouth and Thailand (lucky sod). Graham Etheridge is now a Train driver in Basingstoke. Chris Hobson works for Southern Water and lives in Weymouth, myself I now live in Pembrokeshire and have become one of those "Ferry boat W******" that we allused to moan about deep-sea, I've been with P&O Ferries (Felixstowe and Hull) for 26 years now.

I remember after the grounding Capt Brand was known onboard as "Brandy on the Rocks" ! Lol.

I've got some photo's of the damage taken in Niteroi drydock, I'll try and upload them.

All the best for the New Year