ropner boats

danny rafferty
26th December 2011, 09:39
anyone out there sailed on ss Pikepool , formerly,Ocean Pilgrim, one of the liberty boats built during the war,I was on her in 1957/58 we were carrying iron ore from Brazil to Poland, grain from Argentina to the continent and i recall during the crossing to Poland, hearing of the Manchester air disaster. I believe she was scrapped in 1967

Pat Thompson
26th December 2011, 12:11

Danny she was built as Ocean Pilgrim by Todd-Bath Portland East and completed in August 1942

She subsequently became PIKEPOOL - 1947
MARIGO - 1959

and was broken up at Kaohsiung 4.10.67

There is a a photo of her as Pikepool HERE (

26th December 2011, 12:53
Sailed on the sister ships "Firby" and "Ingleby" ex Ocean Fame & Ocean Vengence
in 1953/1958

24th February 2016, 22:25
The death has just been announced of Sir John Ropner aged 78 whose great grandfather was Sir Robert Ropner founder of the shipping company. The fortune made in shipping enabled the Ropners to buy Thorp Perrow Hall and estate near Bedale North Yorkshire. The baronetcy was created in 1951 and is carried on by Sir Henry Ropner.

uncle Ray
15th June 2018, 04:54
I sailed on MV Stonepool in 1970 as deck boy a 13 month trip and what trip it was too, the best skipper I ever sailed with, Capt Ernie Dunn from Whitley Bay, I joined her in Palmers in Heburn on the Tyne we had a great crew and went to some fantastic ports all over the world, it was a sad day when we all left in Rotterdam. great memories.

15th June 2018, 09:38
'Swiftpool' 'Levenpool' (ex Empire Lionel) 'Wandby'

Longest trip 20 months ('Wandby)

Time frame 1950's and 1960's

Best Skipper Captain Churchill ('Swiftpool' and 'Wandby')

Worst, won't mention his name as he has living relatives, but he changed a happy ship into a nightmare where-in all the crew except Ch.Eng signed off when returning to UK. We had all sailed together on the previous three voyages on the vessel under a different Master ('Levenpool')

But it is only sailing with the bad you appreciate the good, but wouldn't have changed a thing as it is all experience, which we will never see the likes of again