Canon EOS 30D - Age?

5th January 2012, 16:26
Can a digital camera become "tired" ?
I have had my Canon 30D from new in April 2006.
It has produced hundreds of superb photos mostly of ships.
Recently I have noticed they are not quite as good - not as sharp as they should be.
What is the "life" of the modern digital camera ?
Is nearly six years of hard usage too much or is it just me brcomimg
too old to handle it.?
Should it be replaced ? if so, with what ?

5th January 2012, 17:15
Life is usually measured in number of shutter operations and failure is normally complete.

Couple of things you could try first

Is the sensor clean, DIY cleaning is not for the faint hearted though if you're not confident about poking around in your cameras internals your local photo dealer may do it for 15 ~ 20

Are all the lenses "unsharp", perhaps you could borrow another lens to try

Have you tried focusing manually.

Different camera I know but I get very odd effects on my Nikon D200 if I remove the lens whilst the camera is switched on then replace it.

Again different camera but a colleague had similar problems with his Olympus - only resolved by removing the battery for 24 hours.

5th January 2012, 21:21
Thanks very much Duncan.
I have had the sensor cleaned professionally (cost 45 which I thought was a bit much but they did a very good job).
My wife is convinced that I am just looking for an excuse to change my camera. She could be right.
I will try the other things you mention.

24th January 2012, 21:46
I have a Canon 350D about the same age as yours and have taken tens of thousands of photos with it, and it is still working same as it ever did. I don't think that they age in the sense of the quality slowly deteriorating.

I do my own sensor cleaning, if you are careful, and sensible it's easy, you don't need special tools or skills.

If you are buying a new camera don't be over-impressed by the number of pixels. Resolution on almost all cameras is limited by diffraction, not pixel resolution.

I have a variety of cameras, check out these comparison shots, of a submarine, on a top of the range full-frame DSLR with a little compact camera. The DSLR cost about 20 times as much as the compact. You will be surprised.
And no, it's not me, the photographer, my tests, these and others, have been quite scientific.