Annual Medical at Shell Centre

7th January 2012, 13:47
It was reassuring to get a comprehensive health check by Shell though at that young age I never thought anything would be ever be amiss. It was interesting to get hearing tests (audiogram?) but was never given any detailed results only that my hearing was okay. Remember being shuffled from room to room for varying tests.

At one time Shell instructed me to go to Birmingham for a medical. The tests seemed endless and far more detailed than before. I mentioned this at the end of the tests that it was more than the usual test to which the doctor replied 'but you are flight-crew aren't you' :)


7th January 2012, 21:31
Considering the speed of the lifts at Shell Centre, i'm surprised there were no cases of "the bends".

10th January 2012, 10:57
I remember the medical tests at Shell Centre very well.

I also remember the medical I had at The British Shipping Federation in the Broomielaw before joining Shell. One of the tests was called "stool" and was the biggest shock of my young life!