Photos Blue Funnel

8th January 2012, 18:00
I have recently rediscovered 12, 35mm transparencies which I was given by chief engineer Jim Breslin who was my next door neighbour at the time.
The pictures show some ships and ship's staff. Dated august 1967
I cannot get a decent copy of them to post on the site so if anyone is interested in them please send me a PM with an address and I will be happy to mail them to you.

10th January 2012, 13:40
From what I remember, Jim Breslin spent most of his time on the P and H Class steamers. he was happy on Motor ships! I ssume the transparencies will from those days. It would be nice to see them posted on here,as my father and uncles were also on those ships around that time

11th January 2012, 00:26
Hi the slides are on thier way to R651400 who will post them when copies are made, I am sure someone will recognise the guys.
I was going to try and post them but I could not get a decent copy.