Motor Yacht "Aarla"

9th January 2012, 12:52
I am trying to locate a photo of the motor yacht "Aarla". Built 1903 as steam yacht "Hecate" and later refitted with diesel engines. Became "Aarla" in 1933 and requisitioned by the Admiralty in 1939. Served under Pennant No FY001 as an Anti-submarine yacht. In 1943sent to Freetown as a pilot cutter, managed by Elder Dempster. Laid up in Scotland after the war and sold in 1947 to Park Lane Court Ltd. of London and sank with all hands on her first voyage for them.
Can anyone assist with a photo?

25th February 2013, 04:28
Here are a couple of shots of Aar V, Aarla, Hecate

25th February 2013, 04:52
It is not her but the Aarla is reminiscent of the one time NZ cable laying ship Matai built in the 1930's.
There does not appear to be a gallery photo of this oldie.


25th February 2013, 09:05
Maunsel, Many thanks for your reply and for the photos. "Aarla" was the yacht "Hecate" previously and as I said in my original request, was lost with all hands following WWII. The cable layer was not the "Aarla" I was looking for - sorry Spongebob but thanks for trying.

18th January 2014, 10:21
There is a photo of an unidentified yacht on SN website, see:

Is it the same vessel? My guess is Yes.

18th January 2014, 16:02
Yep, that's it.