Statendam photos

15th January 2006, 22:22
hi everyone i have just upload 30 photos of the statendam i took yesterday in the port of lyttelton it was a really nice day to take fotos so enjoy you will also see the other cruise ship photo albums[FONT=Verdana] (Eats) [COLOR=RoyalBlue][SIZE=6][CENTER][B][I]

Jim MacIntyre
14th March 2006, 19:21
Hello Jason
I just looked through your Statendam photos.
Evoked some recent memories.. My wife and I were just on a Statendam cruise from Auckland to Sydney transiting Lyttleton/Christchurch on Feb 24th. We booked a shore excursion on the TranzAlpine Express train which took up most of the day and in retrospect we would have preferred to spend some time in Christchurch - aaah well woulda,coulda,shoulda.
Wish I had known about SN sooner we could have hoisted a pint somewhere.
Jim Mac

16th March 2006, 06:38
Jim, I may very well have been driving one of the buses that took you to the train!!
Small world.......... :)

Jim MacIntyre
8th April 2006, 19:26
Hello David
A bit late in replying - too may threads to follow.....
Regret did not meet the drivers (we got stuck in the back of the bus both times). Two segments by bus - one short trip from the ship to the train and then the longer trip back through Christchurch to Lyttleton after the train ride. But if you were working on Feb 24th then we were that close.....
Three buses involved and they met us at the end of the train ride for the ride back to the ship. We made a couple of stops - at the new viaduct through the pass, at the rest stop on the way up to the pass, then stopped for a picnic lunch. Most of the passengers went to sleep on the bus after the lunch including the better half in the aisle seat. We passed through an area of very unusual limestone rocks and I was in the window seat on the wrong side so couldn't get pics...didn't dare wake her up...
We did stop in Christchurch outside a museum right next to the Botanical Gardens. got a couple of shots of the trams and they turned the corner there.
At that point we both realized we should have taken a shorter trip and spent some time walking around Christchurch. By all accounts and from what we saw briefly it is a very beautiful city. Next time we'll know.
I reckon with all the Kiwi's participating in this web-site I could've been very busy in every port of call on that cruise..
Jim MacIntyre

9th April 2006, 07:35
The train trip - the Tranzalpine - is very popular with cruise ship passengers. You made a good choice. Just shows that you'll have to come back to Christchurch again though and see what you missed first time round.
There's been a few SN members passed thru Lyttelton on cruise ships and no doubt I've seen all of you and vice versa - shame in a way we haven't known beforehand!