13th January 2012, 14:37
Here in Canada we hear of the deplorable conditions in the breakers yard in Alang. At the same time I see ship after ship being beached in these yards.
The question I have is-Are the conditions as bad as we are lead to believe?

13th January 2012, 16:12
Still a bad place. when the ships are beached at high tide, swarms of manual labourers. Many of them children begin to strip the ships. It is one of the biggest employers in the area. with many people living on site in shacks. THATS how they can do it so cheap.


D Sutton
14th January 2012, 19:52
If you do a quick search on You Tube you can get an idea what its like there

This is Alang

This is Bangladesh, probably Ghadani

3rd April 2012, 10:36
Go to marine traffic/alang and you can "fly"the beach at a 100 foot to inch screen magnification ,see how ships are really brocken up!