Union Steam Ship Company of NZ. Ltd. Cadet's Reunion 2012

14th January 2012, 03:12
This reunion is to be in Napier , New Zealand on the 02nd. & 03rd. of November this year and will be held at the War Memorial Conference Centre on Marine Parade , close to the City centre.
Registration forms were sent out in late September 2011 however if anyone did not receive such and requires more info. olease contact the writer.

[email protected](Pint)

Bob Murdoch
15th January 2012, 14:10
Hi Guys, Enjoy your re-union.
Can any of you tell me if Warwick Hyde is still around?
He came from Nelson area I believe, and was one of the first USS Co cadets. He got his ticket about 1957 and went to UK. He joined the Pool initially and I know he sailed with General Steam for a bit.
I met him during 1959 when he was 3/o on Bowrings 'Cape Breton' carrying coal from Sydney, Nova Scotia, up to Montreal.
Yarns on the bridge in the evening and his tales of life in NZ tempted me to apply to Union Steam, when we finally paid off in Ipswich in December 1959.
I know he stayed in UK for a while as he spent a few days with my parents later.
Any info would be welcome. Sorry to invade your thread.
Cheers Bob

14th February 2012, 02:49
Hello Bob
Yes Warwick (Bert) Hyde is alive and well and living very quietly in retirement at a beautiful part of NZ, Mapua near Nelson. His address is 173 Pomona Road RD1 Uppers Moutere Nelson NZ. He has just gravitated to the email
[email protected]
I sent him the article I think you wrote about the CAPE BRETON in one of the UK magazines. He worked for Union Castle, General Steam, NZR Ferries then went into the NZ Met Department and finally the NZ Post Office. He lives a quiet life married with two adult sons one who lives in the UK
He will get a surprise.
Iain Steverson

Bob Murdoch
23rd February 2012, 15:46
Hi Iain
So sorry for not responding sooner. I missed your reply.
Thanks very much for the info on Warwick and the update on him.
I will give ham an e-mail immediately
Thanks very much