The Queens

Paul UK
16th January 2006, 18:52
Reported on Maritime Matters QM2 will meet QM in long Beach Feb 22nd 2006

Any members able to get photograph would be grat.


16th January 2006, 20:22
Has anyone seen the article in the Southern Daily Echo, a Southampton Daily Paper about the Queen Mary. A wealthy businessman, the CEO of Kingfisher Publishing in Weymouth, has apparantly pledged to have the old Mary towed from her present home via Cape Horn to Southampton where he intends to arrange for her to be berthed in Southampton Docks for the same purposes as her present owners.

I have not seen the article myself, but heard of it from another web site, I seem to remember Steve last year mentioning a possible plan to bring her home. It will be very interesting to see what the outcome is.


Paul UK
17th January 2006, 10:36
That would be a site for sore eyes hope it happens

More importantly hope she would make it!!


17th January 2006, 11:32
One of the owners has said" no way is she leaving the USA and thats final." Plus the fact it would cost 30 million to bring her here ( or $?)

17th January 2006, 12:01
The meeting takes place at 07.00 hrs on 22/02/06 and again at 17.00 hrs outbound, QM2 wil blow her whistle which originally came from QM1 in salute.