6th July 2004, 21:25
Built by Lithgow at Port Glasgow in 1963 one of 6 built by Lithgow and Scotts' between 1961 and 1964.Sisters were FALABA,FIAN,FREETOWN,FOURAH BAY and FORCADOS.
This shot of her was taken in Glasgow in 1974.

The second shot is an old press cutting,not too good I/m afraid,of FALABA on trials captioned FABLA! She has a white focsle which I personally preferred.

8th January 2006, 22:49
The white foc'sles and poops on ED ships were painted out in the 1970s by the accountants as an 'economy measure'.
We could never understand why a pot of black paint was cheaper than white!

Allan James
9th January 2006, 18:28
Just found a box of slides taken during my time in Ocean. In amongst them is a few slides of Freetown in Brunswick dock, Liverpool. My father was the master, and it was Freetown's maiden voyage. Anyone any idea how to copy them?



9th January 2006, 21:53

If you can get your hands on a scanner with a slide attachment it's straightforward. For example I have HP Scanjet 4470 which is a doddle to use.
Your father must have been one of the few ED masters I never sailed with, although I knew the name of course.

Regards, Derek