26th January 2012, 19:57
No posting on this ship. That was my first Costa cruise, in the early 1980s out of Miami. Anyone have interior, exterior photos of her?

26th January 2012, 21:56
courtesy of PHOTOSHIP.

26th January 2012, 22:39
Dont know if you know her history,but she was the ex Cunarder Media,her sister was the Parthia which didnt last quite so long.A bit history about her at http://www.simplonpc.co.uk/

30th April 2012, 14:22
Another bit of her history:
Built in 1947 at Clydebank, UK, Media has been completely rebuilt as Flavia in Genoa, at O.A.R.N. works, in 1963.
Se was the third ship (after Flaminia and Aurelia) of CO.GE.DAR Lines, and at the beginning she was destined to the Northern Europe - Australia route.
She was sold to Costa Lines in 1969, and destined to Caribbean cruises
Sold to Panamian interests in 1982 as Flavian, then Lavian, laid up in Hong Kong, she was destryed by fire in 1989.
My father Giuseppe De Marzo was her master from 1968 until 1970.

10th November 2012, 19:59
...."FLAVIA" what a gracious name!!!

I loved her from the starting I saw her cruisebrochures in the 75ths -

also I had an remarkable meeting when I was onboard cruising in November 1981 at "Maxim Gorkij" at Tanger - we meet in the harbour of Tanger - a Beauty - never seen again :-((

always in love with such kind of ship (Flavia, Fairstar, Aurelia, Angelina Lauro....)