Barque Picton Castle

18th January 2006, 19:02
We have a Barque,Picton Castle based here in Lunenburg Nova Scotia Canada that every two years sails around the can sail as a trainee [any age]medically fit for US$36000 or take a leg of the voyage for US$11000.They have a great site www.picton castle .ca which is interactive and very interesting.I am trying to save up and go if they would have me[tongue in cheek]that would be the ultimate for me a ex Brocklebank Apprentice at the helm or up on the yard of a Barque in the Pacific?


18th January 2006, 22:45
Picton Castle's voyages are featured in "Tall Ship Chronicles" on UK Sky Channel 148 (Travel Channel). (Thumb)

Captain Smurf
31st January 2008, 00:06
Took a few photos of her in Cape Town, 2006

Nova Scotian
31st January 2008, 14:54
The Picton Castle was berthed in Port Hawkesbury for a few weeks prior to her first round-the-world voyage. At that time I lived just up the road from the dock and watched some of the preparations as the crew got her ready for sea. I had my doubts as to whether this vessel, and her crew, would actually make it deep-sea. However, they did and have made quite a few round-the-world voyages since.

One of the crew members obtained all of her qualifying sea-time for her Watchkeeping Mates certificate in one voyage on the Picton Castle. A very smart young lady who attended the NSCC Nautical Institute when I was involved in marine training there.

More recently the Picton Castle has been involved in the news as a result of a crew member being lost at sea. Transport Canada is currently involved in an investigation of the incident following the results of an official investigation by the vessels country of registry, the Cook Islands.

I would recommend the book "Fair Wind and Plenty of It" by Rigel Crockett for those who would like to know more about life on the Picton Castle. It's published by Vintage Canada (ISBN 0-676-97635-2).


6th July 2008, 20:54
The Picton Castle is on her current voyage and is in England right now on her way to Norway. Check out her site and get the link found under Voyages to watch her progress through this current voyage.