Ben Line Shipmates

Mike Hemmington
27th January 2012, 23:53
Hello there, I've just recently joined S-N and would really appreciate any contact with some of my old shipmates. I sailed on a coast run on the Benalder July 65, then Benattow from Oct 65 until paying off in March 68. During that last coast run the No1 Gen broke a connecting rod which split the block in two, that had to be removed and replaced while not missing a days sailing, what a trip, virtually no sleep for I don't know how long.

Would be great to hear from anyone.

Kind Regards

Roddy Munro
1st February 2012, 19:34
Sorry I cant be of help to you,but I paid off Benalder after my third voyage on her on 20/7/ you would have been signing on for the coast as we were leaving.I rejoined for another trip and finally paid off on 4/1/66
Roddy Munro