Passenger Ship Disasters - Part 2

30th January 2012, 08:12
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30th January 2012, 08:14
What about (the lack of) Scandinavian Star in "fire" section ?...

I would also add quite recent accident of Lisco Gloria...

fred henderson
30th January 2012, 14:17
My articles on passenger ship disasters are confined to events where vessels were lost, or were declared a constructive total loss and not rebuilt as a passenger ship.

Although 158 people lost their lives in the Scandanavian Star fire, the ship survived and was rebuilt as a passenger ship. She continued in service as a passenger vessel until 2003 and was scrapped a year later. For this reason the 1990 disaster is not included in my lists.

I agree that Lisco Gloria fire should be added. I understand that the cause of this fire is being investigated by the German Authorities. I have not yet seen an official report. Please let me know if one has been published.