West Coast Characters

Allan Pugh
30th January 2012, 13:53
How many people remember Maggie Duncan, the lady ship chandler from Takoradi? She was a lovely lady and lived to a ripe old age. When we landed a cadet with malaria, Mary visited him every day he was in

Also remember Charlie Booth - agent at Bathurst? A man who had really seen life - parachuted behind enemy lines during the last war, climbed some of the more obscure peaks in the Andes and a keen radio ham.

Ken and Elsie Wilson - engineer and wife at Takoradi - kind, sociable people.

Father John Little at Bathurst - tennis and poker playing priest?


30th January 2012, 22:59
Still got a fruit bowl Maggie Duncan gave us for a wedding present 43 years ago.
Well remember Father Little, also the priest in Apapa, Father Hannafey (sp).

There are so many stories about the kindnesses shown to seafarers by Ken and Elsie Wilson. Sadly Ken died about five years ago after retiring to his beloved Yorkshire. As far as I know Elsie is still going strong.


Roger Turner
7th February 2012, 23:24
West Coast Characters.

What a lovely thread, because for this sea-goer, at least, apart from the business of conveying cargo the main source of interest on a voyage were the characters from ED`s that you met and some took you to their homes or the"Club"

My special pal was a chap called Eddie England, seem to remember meeting up with him in Takoradi, Lagos and I think Port Harcourt.
Then there was Charlie Chase,Harry Howsegot(?)Rex (?)Cranston- New Zealander - said to be probable Allblack- but gammy knee meant Martin Donnelly got his place (anybody know this tale?) "Just one for the road" Port Harcourt, Jack Richards -Agent Sapele, only met him once -said to drive his land rover like a tank - he did - hit the gatepost!- Colin Langford ( I see he is still about) Jock Sawley - last time I saw him was in the middle of Dundee outside the Kremlin (Town Hall)

Would add ,Agency Staff, Continent and USA, particularly Cunard`sCharlie Causi (?) Big Greek (?) chap, fairly mature constantly smoked and chewed a cigar to the consistency of a paintbrush, glad handed everybody, heart of gold, used to take the apprentices to breakfast on waffles and maple syrup. First swordfish steak I ever had was with him, lunchtime diner on Wall Street - I think.
Happy Days

If somebody starts a thread "Memorable Shipmates" 1953-62 approx, I`m sure some well kent names and stories might come up - I know where some of the bodies are buried!

13th May 2012, 13:01
Anyone remember Madam Lucie at Victoria? She used to be in charge of the gang labourers?

14th May 2012, 00:00
I remember 'Jucy Lucy' coming aboard a 'K' boat in Victoria where she had a prolonged conference with the OM which lasted all afternoon, behind closed doors.


21st February 2015, 21:36
That would be Lucy;-)

21st February 2015, 23:18
good day allan pugh,m,30 jan.2012.23:53.#1.re:west coast characters,readind this old and interesting post.did you ever see or sail on a stanhope steamship vessel.would like to hear from you if you did(its a long time ago)thank you in advance.regards ben27

Howard S
29th June 2015, 23:19
ah yes Maggie Duncan, Madam Lucy, Ken and Elsie Wilson, Obi - great memories!