Blue star ships 1960s

31st January 2012, 01:12
Hi all name is Peter.New to this,
Can any1 remember /sail with my dad,patrick(paddy) Murray AB an Irish man,he sailed on the Newcastle star1960,Columbia star61,Mendoza star62,melbourne star64,Auckland star64,Adelaide star65,Uruguay star66,Hobart star66/67?

31st January 2012, 17:34
Greetings Peter and welcome to SN on your first posting. Bon voyage.

China hand
31st January 2012, 19:24
Peter, welcome aboard.
Try the Blue Star Line website. Very comprehensive and well organized.
Mendoza and Uruguay Stars will get a result, cos one of the main men on the site spent some time ( along with me) on the South America ships.
Best of luck.

31st January 2012, 20:35
Thanks guys,the blue star website is under construction,I have been on blue, again for help.

24th April 2012, 16:24
Hi there like Peter, I too am trying to make contact with anyone who may have worked with my Dad Jock sharp. He too was an AB and worked on Blue Star Line, I remember him going on the australia Star in the sixties and he was away for approx 9 months. he also worked on the Norwegian Lines albeit for a short period maybe another time another day more on that story line may be revealed.

If anyone worked with Jock I would absolutely love to hear from you. fingers crossed - Bev

26th April 2012, 12:46
Greetings Bev and welcome to SN. Bon voyage.

18th August 2012, 20:18
Was Pursers Writer onboard Argentina Star in 1962, joined in London, did the coastal to Rotterdam etc, back to London. Taken off and transferred to sister company Booth Line. Overnight train to Liverpool to join RMS Hubert as Assistant Purser. Remain with the Hubert until transferred to Austasia Line in 1964 and if memory serves me correct it was renamed Malaysia. Two of the best year of my career.

Phill maltby
27th September 2012, 16:12
Hello,my name is phill maltby, I worked by on a blue star or poss a port line ship in dry dock in Antwerp around early 1970 for about 6 weeks and did not take the chance to go deep sea with her. As far as I recall it was to go south Africa , Australia for 6mnths. Anybody shed any light on this for me . Thanks